Assisting You With the Right Decision for You and Your Companion

Making the decision to provide pet euthanasia.

Making the decision to provide euthanasia for your pet is difficult enough but knowing "when" maybe even harder. This is truly an individual decision best made by you and your family with professional guidance. The key factor in when to say goodbye is determining when your pet's quality of life is failing. You know your pet and their habits better than anyone else.

I can help you determine your pet's quality of life by having you ask yourself some basic questions. If you can answer 'yes' to any of the following, this would help support your decision that euthanasia would be the right choice at this time or very soon. On the Home page, you will see that you can arrange to have me come to your home solely to examine your pet and help you decide the answers to these questions:

• Is your pet unable to participate in his/her normal activities?

• Has your pet been examined by your veterinarian to find treatable causes of being unable to eat or drink adequately, losing excessive body weight, having urine or bowel movement incontinence or difficulty, being confused or disoriented, coughing or having breathing problems, or having pain or difficulty in getting up?

• Have treatments or medications ceased to be helpful or curative?

• Is your pet hiding more and wanting less contact with you, your family, and/or the other pets in your home?

• Has your pet been diagnosed as suffering from an illness or disease in which recovery is not probable?

• Is your pet having fewer and fewer 'good days' and more and more 'bad days'?